Bogdan Harchikov (MBA, MSc)

Senior IT Professional. Team Player.

After more than ten years of developing and leading successful IT projects, I am looking for a new challenge. Passionate about continuous improvement, lean approach, and cloud technologies. But people come first!

Examples Of My Work

Due to NDA restrictions, I am only able to share with you my own project examples. The problem analysis, requirements collection, design, coding, testing, and deployment were all completed single-handedly.

The AI-Enabled Chatbot Who Will (Try To) Make You Happier

The most popular online course in the history of Yale University "The Science of Well-Being" inspired me to create Aia, AI-chatbot who is packed with scientific knowledge and proven positive psychology methods aiming to raise your happiness level and offer support in hard times.

Frontend: HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript | Backend: NodeJS @ Cloud Functions for Firebase | Conversational UI: Dialogflow | NoSQL DB: Cloud Firestore

Architecture Overview

User Interface

Usage Statistics (Google Analytics, August 2020)

Promoting Modern Scientific Knowledge

My passion is to promote modern scientific knowledge while trying to debunk non-scientific myths and theories. To motivate people around me to look after their physical and mental health.

The website aims at providing a summary of the course "The Science Of Well-Being" and motivating the user to enroll in the course:

The series of lectures covering global health, happiness trends and recent findings on longevity factors:
Lectures (Youtube): In Russian, In English (Work In Progress)
Presentation Slides (Google Drive): In English

Practice one new Happiness Activity every day (science-backed strategies): Daily Happiness Message by Aia

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